We're at your Service Ontario.


Open on a blank table with Jennifer's Ontario Birth Certificate. A paper cut out of Jennifer as a baby pops out of the card and crawls over to her Health Card.
A cut out of Jennifer as a child pops up from the Health Card and moves over with the camera to her Driver's Licence.
A cut out teenage Jennifer pops up and "drives" towards a Marriage Licence.
Jennifer walks onto the marriage licence as a male cut out Brian pops up. The camera follows them as they walk side by side towards a wedding arch cut out that pops up.

Voice Over: Every transaction with the Ontario Government is a part of your story. And now there are more ways to connect at every turn.
The couple walks onto a ‘Change of Address' form where a small bungalow cut out pops up. The couple walks into the bungalow, which then pops down behind them. They continue to walk along the form, now with a baby pram. A cut out fence pops up, followed by a cut out of a bigger house. The camera follows the family as they enter the house.

Voice Over: Just click, call, visit a kiosk or a centre.
We cut to a quick montage of ServiceOntario checkpoints. We see a computer, a phone, a ServiceOntario kiosk, and a ServiceOntario centre.

Voice Over: We're at your service, Ontario.