Premier's Award Winner (English)


Premier's Awards Innovation Winner - Kaley's Acres

Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2014 Premier's Award is Kaley's Acres from Castleton.

Draupadi Quinn, Kaley's Acres

It just touched our hearts. This is something we feel passionate about and the world is ready for.

Adrian Quinn, Kaley's Acres

This is our fourth year of growing kale and processing it in our own Kale kitchen.
Kale chips are technically very difficult to produce, especially on a commercial scale. So it's taken a lot of innovation, a lot of trial and error to really get a system together that works well on a commercial level.

Right now, we're already the market leader in Canada. Which is really great. So we want to increase our acreage of kale so we can increase the production of kale enough so to get into supermarkets as well.

We want to continue to innovate and lead and add more flavours so we can make as many people happy with as many different flavours of kale possible.
We're expanding. We're in a hyper-growth state. We're going to be doubling our staffing over the next 12 months. And then we have opportunities to grow further too as we learn to export outside of Canada. So this year we'll be starting to sell into the States and into Europe as well.

Draupadi Quinn

From the outside, getting acknowledgement, it makes you feel you're on the right path, you're doing the right thing. You know? It just boosts you. It's kind of like let's keep doing this, let's keep growing.

Adrian Quinn

To be honoured with this award today feels amazing. For my family and for all the staff at Kaley's Acres, we couldn't be more pleased. We're beside ourselves; it's just amazing. There've been so many challenges in getting this new crop of kale into eastern Ontario. So winning this award's going to help us advance that process of getting to our thousand acres of kale. And we're really enjoying being part of the Premier's Agri-Food Challenge and bringing jobs to Ontario.