Thank you very much boys and girls for allowing us to stop by to visit you at Terry Fox School.

One of the reasons that I wanted to drop by of course is because you guys sent me a letter, do you remember that?

Where is that thing Tracy? Where is that package?

You sent me a nice big letter, and you sent me some drawings, and you gave me some idea.

Do you remember this stuff?

Do you remember these? Yeah? You did one of these didn't you, and you talked about what you did on Family Day, remember that?

You wanna open that up Bruce there for a second, because it describes I guess, your teacher...who is your teacher? Where's the teacher?

Hi Mrs. Forrest, how are you? Good. Delighted to be here.

You said here that 11 of us went to the First Annual Cobourg Winter Festival.

Who went to the Cobourg Winter Festival?

Was it a good thing or what?

Good, we'll come back to that in a minute.

Nine of us visited with family.

Two of us telephoned family, and almost all of us had a special meal.

We also went skating, swimming or to watch a movie.

So it sounds like you enjoyed Family Day.

Thanks everybody, have a great March Break eh!

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