Welcome to the Cabbagetown Youth Centre.

It's here in downtown Toronto and it's like, it's one of so many different kinds of community centres located right across the province that are there to help families in need, and I was here today to listen and to learn a little bit more from some of the folks who came and chatted with me, and at the same time, I told them of a new initiative that you and I, as Ontarians, are making.

So, we all heard something about our Ontario Child Benefit.

It's benefiting I think 1.3 million Ontario children, and right now, it's valued at $600 a year, per child.

We want to increase that to $1,100 per year, effective July of this year.

It pays a family living in poverty, $50 every month, for one child.

We're almost doubling that, effective July 1 of this year to $92 a month.

Let me tell you something, if you are just scraping by, they go from $50 a month for a child to $92 a month, is a big help.

Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, June Callwood Campaign:

I think it's going to mean that they have more food on the table.

I think it's going to have some warmer clothes for some of the kids, I think they're going to sleep easier.

Gail Nyberg, Executive Director of Daily Bread Food Bank:

At the very fact that they are going to accelerate the OCB and there will be more money at the hands of the parents of those children, it's going to be a good thing.

The second piece of news that we brought out today is together with the federal government, we're going to invest in building 4, 500 new affordable housing units and we're going to repair 50, 000 existing social housing units.

Not only is that going to improve the quality of life for families who live in those housing units, it's going to create 23, 000 construction jobs.

Gail Nyberg, Executive Director of Daily Bread Food Bank:

Certainly many of the people who had hours cut back or who have lost jobs are from the construction industry, so it is going to mean that they will possibly will receive either hours or the job back and won't be forced to get on a list for affordable housing.
Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, June Callwood Campaign:

What I'm seeing at least this morning and what we anticipate next Thursday, is a government that really
has kept faith with the connoted constituency.

So, I know, it's a challenging time for all us today in Ontario, there's a lot of anxiety, but we're not going to forget who we are, and if nothing else, we are a caring and compassionate people.

We're always going to find a way to lend a hand to families who need some help.

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