Community Consultation Kit - The Next Phase in Ontario's Education Strategy - From Great to Excellent


Hello everyone. Bonjour.
I'm Liz Sandals, Ontario's Minister of Education.
We are about to embark on an exciting journey.
With your help, we are going to develop the next phase of education in Ontario.
This is a wonderful opportunity to shape the future of our province.
We have already worked to create one of the best education systems in the world.
In late August, we learned that 71 per cent of Grade 3 and Grade 6 students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard in reading, writing and math.
That represents a 17 percentage point jump since 2003!
Similarly, our graduation rate has increased from 68 per cent in 2004 to 83 per cent in 2012.
These great improvements in student achievement are thanks to the hard work of educators, students, parents and our many community partners!
But we also recognize there's more to do.
We must continue to raise the bar, and take student achievement to new heights.
One way to do this, and move our system from great to excellent, is to push the boundaries…through creativity and innovation.
Our world is rapidly changing, and technology is evolving at lightning speed.
That's why I am asking for your ideas.
One way to generate those ideas is through local community-based consultations.
By leading and hosting these local discussions, people in your community will be part of a made-in-Ontario approach…to create an updated vision for our education system.
This direct feedback will be invaluable, as we develop an improved educational roadmap…that will lead to a lifetime of success for our students and increased prosperity for our province.
The future is bright, and the possibilities are limitless.
So let's work together — to build an updated and exciting vision for the future of education in Ontario.
Thank you.