[Saving energy and money with the Energy Retrofit Program]

If you're nice to your cows, they're nice to you.

[Chris Hoskin - Hoskins Farms]

Welcome here to Hoskins Farms. It's a family operation. We're dairy farm. We have about 850 cows. The main problem was in the hot humid days - we can't have air conditioning. The place is too large. The cows that are cool will produce more milk and its hot.

We were just thinking about different ways we could help solve this problem. This year under the new hydro program we found these fans. These fans are centered over the barn. They cover a big area. They move a lot of air. For every one fan there is, we need forty smaller fans.

[Tom Castleman - Moore Brothers]

Chris called us. These fans are from Envir-North. And they're called whale fans. We're probably feeling about a 2 mile an hour wind right here.

[Chris Hoskin ]

It feels really cool. You can see the air move. There's a breeze like you're sitting in front of a fan in our house. It's cooler inside the barn than it is outside.

[Tom Castleman]

I don't work very hard at 30 degrees Celsius. I work better at 20 degrees Celsius. And the cow's the same. There's a huge payback to keep the cows cool and comfortable. And with the hydro grant it just common sense.

[Giuliana Rossini - Director, Strategy and Conservation, Hydro One]

The electricity retrofit program is a simple program where we give customers financial incentives for the cost of replacing energy efficient equipment. Particularly for the farming community as ventilation fans. It's quite a simple process for the farmer to follow. We simply reimburse the customer with a cheque. So the customer will receive a cheque from hydro one.

[Tom Castleman]

The fans were 52,000 dollars in total. Chris received 39,000 dollars back from Hydro. And one thing we didn't mention yet is the savings in the hydro. He's saving there as well as well as gaining on the milk production side.

[Giuliana Rossini]

That one for sure will be one where the payback is less than one year.

[Chris Hoskin ]

I think fans make it comfortable. The program helped us decide what to do.


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