Minister's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence


This year's winner of the Minister's award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence is Duizer Farms, near Burford, for their state of the art, innovative robotic dairy barn design that minimizes barriers found in traditional robotic operations.

Arie Duizer, Duizer Farms, Burford
We emigrated from the Netherlands in the year 2000.

With my situation, with a young family, growing-up family, and a wife that still was working at that time, I decided to go with the milking robots because I wanted more flexibility in my schedule.

Lisa Duizer, Duizer Farms, Burford
Arie has the freedom to be there at peak times in the family as well, like getting the kids to the school bus the morning and getting the little one off to the sitter when I have to work, and this flexibility, I think it's nice for the next generation to see.

Arie Duizer
You want the dairy industry to be attractive for the next generation, and I think this is the way to keep it attractive.

We like the life that we're living, with a young family, and we can do everything we want and we don't have to watch our watch the whole day, like, we have to be home for four o'clock or something. That time is past.

I think this is the future of the family farm, specially in the dairy. I think robotic milkers, that's the big change of this century.