Morning Everybody, thanks so much for coming.

I wanna begin by thanking the folks at Telus on a number of counts.

First of all for their hospitality and taking the time today to show me around, help me develop a better understanding of the extraordinary building that they have put in place here.

Seems to me it speaks eloquently to the triple bottom line, that's the economic, the environmental and the social.

In terms of economic, this is a powerful investment in the future of this city and this province. When you put up a two hundred and fifty million dollar building, that says something about your confidence in this economy over the long run, and we are very grateful for that.

Its also very impressive in terms of having achieved a lead, gold certification which is a genuine effort on the part of Telus to minimize the foot print that they have on our natural environment.

Doing everything here to from collecting rain water to cooling themselves by bringing in deep lake water, and then of course you saw the technology that I just used there to speak to people in other parts of the country, and then beyond that of course, there is the social bottom line, and you just get the feeling walking around this place its a good place to work.

It seems to have been built in a way that does not impede but rather enhances simple, ordinary, human interaction, and they tell me that one of the best business models going is one that promotes and indeed enhances collaboration, and that's something that is happening here.

So, hats off to the folks at Telus and thank you so much for your investment in this building and in our economy and for your responsibility when it comes to speaking not just to the economic but to the social and environmental as well.

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