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As of December 1, 2014, service providers who submit OCF-21 forms through Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) must be licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to invoice and receive direct payment from automobile insurers for specific "listed expenses" in connection with statutory accident benefits.

Richard Tillmann - Senior Manager, Corporate Policy and Issues Management


Just wanted to remind you all that since June 1st, the portal for Service Providers licensing has been open and FSCO has been receiving applications on a daily basis. It's important that you secure your licence before December 1st 2014 because as of that date, if you don't hold a licence, an insurer will no longer be able to pay you directly.

We have heard from a number of principle representatives about their experience with the portal and their application process. I'm happy to share with you some of their thoughts and experiences. Before I go though, I think it's important to remind you all that you should apply today for your Service Provider licence. Applications that are received prior to August 31st will receive a guarantee that they'll hear about their licensing decision before or on November 30th 2014.

Nick Gurevich - Executive Director of FunctionAbility

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I felt a little bit nervous when I first learned about the licensing regime. I think that the reason that I was nervous is because I didn't know what it would entail, I didn't know how much it would cost and I wasn't sure about what kind of an impact it would have on my business and on my practice.

I also was feeling a little bit anxious because obviously there's this uncertainty that hovers over you. There's a question mark around what this licensing would mean to your livelihood, what it would mean to the staff that works for you and how they would be impacted. But I think that those concerns were fairly quickly disappeared once I've learned about what's entailed in the licensing regime. And I felt even more comfortable once I've actually completed the application online.

The application was completed by me about a couple days after the window opened in the beginning of June. And once I sat down, it took me about 50 to 55 minutes to complete it. I find that I was lucky to have all the information that I needed right in front of me so I didn't even have to stop and start over again. One item that I did find surprising was once I've completed the application, it took about 6 weeks for FSCO to contact me and interview me further with respect to some questions that they've had. And I really originally thought it would take hours or days for the decision to be rendered, but in fact, it took quite a bit longer. But once I was called and interviewed by a FSCO rep, the decision was rendered the next day and that obviously relieved quite a bit of anxiety that I've had over the process. I'm happy that we are now licenced and come December 1st, I know there will be no impact on our practice and that things will continue as status quo.

The two things that I'd like to leave as takeaways: One is make sure you start your application early. The process is lengthy, especially the part that FSCO needs to undertake in terms of their own due diligence and in mine case, it lasted 6 weeks. And the second point is once you start the application, make sure that you have all of your details right in front of you, so that you don't have to stop and start over, which in and of itself prolongs the process.

Dr. Moez Rajwani - President, North York Healthcare Associates

Patients that are involved in auto collisions are a big part of my practice and when I heard about licensing, my first inclination was to get worried and concerned. There are so many administrative activities that are required as part of an auto insurance claim. But to my surprise, as I started getting into it, it wasn't as bad as I thought. After I'd had an opportunity to read the frequently asked questions and get myself prepared, going online and answering through the questions was a fairly smooth process.

During the questions, there were a few that I was unclear about. And through again, referring back to the FAQ's or contacting the help desk, I was able to answer those questions. Once I completed it, I thought instantly I would be able to get my licence, but I warn members that there is a bit of time that is required. And that time is for them to do their due diligence, make sure that everything that you have said and that you have claimed is confirmed and that your licence has all the detailed information that's required for them to process it.

Again, with all of the things going on with auto insurance fraud, I think this is a great opportunity for those clinics that provide good service to their patients to be able to be licenced and to be able to bill their insurance company directly and get paid. As with anything new, there will be some hiccups and I encourage you to ask questions as I did and be patient, but you will be able to get registered. And I encourage all of you in the short period of time before we have to get licenced in December, to please apply and if you have any questions, please contact the help desk or your professional association.

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Ensure you have the following information before applying

• An Ontario mailing address.
• Info for each facility/branch/location registered with HCAI to be listed under your licence.
• Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreements, if applicable.
• Your Canada Revenue Agency business number.
• Your Ontario business registration number, if applicable.
• Contact information for all your business's officers, directors or partners.
• The number of regulated and unregulated practitioners, by profession, to be listed under your licence.

Submit your application before August 31, 2014 to receive priority treatment and be assured a licensing decision by November 30, 2014.


Thanks gentlemen, those were really interesting stories. We appreciate your feedback as it does help us improve the process. FSCO has a number of questions and answers already listed on their website that provide tips and helpful hints. It was important to hear what the gentlemen had to say with regards to being prepared and getting all the information in place and in front of you before applying and filling out your application form. That's really important, as it makes the whole application that much easier. We really appreciate your input and we look forward to receiving applications from all of you before the 31st of August. Thanks very much.

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