(Dalton McGuinty - Premier of Ontario)

"I want to thank Prime Minister Harper for joining me here today to announce $500 million in service improvements for GO. As a first step, we want to make sure that more people have a place to park their car when they take the train. More and more people are choosing transit every year, and parking space needs to keep up with that rising demand."

"So part of this investment will support improvements in services for GO riders by expanding parking service at 12 GO stations. From Mississauga, to Markham, to Pickering."

"We're also making a few priority investments: for example, Hamilton GO users are going to see a real difference in service with $75 million for rail upgrades at the Hamilton Junction, with is a major source of congestion at present."

"And across the board, we're investing another $250 million to improve services to ensure that more Ontarians get on the GO."

(Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada)

"So today I am pleased to announce that our Goverment is acting in partnership with the Goverment of Ontario to upgrade and revitalize GO Transit infrastructure. More than a dozen seperate projects will be covered under this initiative. They will provide jobs for construction workers throughout the region, and they will help the GO system handle the huge increases in ridership that are projected throughout the Golden Horseshoe during the next decade."

(Dalton McGuinty - Premier of Ontario)

"Improving transit gives us an edge, and we all know that's something we need right now. Our Goverment's highest priority is to help Ontarians through this recession and build a stronger, more competitive economy. We have to grapple with the present and build for the future. These projects will create jobs that help boost the economy in the near term, and give us an even bigger boost in the longer term."

"We're working to make Ontario a place where good luck doesn't hold you back, and where mass transit makes more things possible, so that our children, and the generations who follow will work in an economy that's more creative and dynamic than we've ever seen, explore opportunities we have yet to imagine, and have a better quality of life than ever before. Thank you very much."

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