The Ontario Citizens' Council
Jeff - This kind of citizen action, citizen involvement, citizen engagement, really lends itself to getting just the average guy like me, providing an opportunity to talk and be listened to and presumably, hopefully, have some action taken.
Beverly: What excited me, was the fact that my opinion would count.
In 2009 the Ontario Government appointed 25 Ontarians to participate in a Citizen's Council to discuss and provide opinions about government drug policy in the province.
Diane: [Text ID: Diane McArthur, Assistant Deputy Minister and Executive Officer, Ontario Public Drug Programs]: The Citizen's Council came out of a, a series of drug reforms that the province made over the past several years where we wanted to include as part of the drug decision making process a greater voice for patients and the public to inform our decision making.The Citizens' Council is more of a discussion about um, larger systemic issues uh, and where we're trying to grapple with what direction do we want to take certain aspects of the program per se. And that's not necessarily about just the patient, that's about all of us as Ontarians.
Gerri: [Text ID: Gerri, Chair of Ontario Citizens' Council]: Very often the Ontario Drugs Program is on the front page of the, of the newspapers. They have to make some very, very difficult decisions and I think that the intention is that with the citizens council contemplating on these issues they will have a greater depth of understanding of the issues.

Donna: You don't have to be Albert Einstein to have an important opinion. Like, the average Joe has some really important things to say and sometimes some really profound things to say, you just got to listen to them.
Josephine: I hope that I extended myself and pushed myself to see other's views and to make as much of a positive contribution to the Ministry of Health, and the drugs and the 1.9 billion dollar budget that we're actually helping more people, we're in a better spot at the end of my term than at the beginning of the term, so that's my ultimate goal.
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