VO: Investing in your postsecondary education puts you in the driver's seat of your future.

VO: Postsecondary education will teach you the skills you'll need to start your career. But how do you pay for it?

VO: Did you know that the Ontario government can help you with the cost of going to school?

VO: With improved student assistance programs, there is now more money for tuition, books, and supplies. You get to keep more of your pay cheque if you work while in school, and now there is better support for part-time students.

VO: There are lots of options you can explore when looking for financial aid:

VO: There are also special support programs for students with disabilities, aboriginal students, and those who are first in their families to go to university or college. These students could be eligible for additional grants and bursaries.

VO: So how do you know if you qualify? You need to apply and you can do it online here:

VO: What about repaying your OSAP? The government has now made it easier to repay your loans. There are more options to help you if you get into financial difficulty after leaving school.

VO: Remember, investing in postsecondary education is an investment in you, and your future. The return is worth it!

VO: Getting started has never been easier! Learn more about OSAP on our website.

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