2015 Minister's Medal Winners - North East LHIN Virtual Critical Care Unit


Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety

Yes, and the patient's name?

Virtual Critical Care

Derek Manchuk Anesthesiologist/Intensivist Health Sciences North Critical Care Lead

In Northern Ontario the hospitals are so far apart and practicing there is very challenging in terms of access to specialist resources.

Renée Fillier
Virtual Critical Care Coordinator
Nurse Clinician
Health Sciences North

So by having Virtual Critical Care as a tool, it allows the remote site to be able to tap into additional services that they may not have locally available.

I'm the RN with virtual care in Sudbury today and I have with me, Claude Charbonneau our pharmacist and Dr. David Boyle, our intensivist.

So the primary goals of Virtual Critical Care are to enhance collaboration among centres, create opportunities for real time education and knowledge translation on best practices.

(Dr. Manchuk)
And they can access now people that do full time critical care and so they can tap into that knowledge base.

Dr. Boyle
Claude I'm just going to ask you as our ICU pharmacist to give us a bit of advice.

Thank you Dr. Boyle. So Wendy, I would recommend -

(Renée Fillier)
The intensivist's actually appreciate having a visual.

(Dr. Manchuk)
I can see the patient, I can see how they're breathing, I can see how much pain they're in. I can talk to them about their symptoms so you get much more information and you can give much better advice as a result.

Former ICU Patient
Kirkland and District Hospital

And we were able to as a group, both the nurses, the doctors and myself discuss what was going on, how I was feeling.

Tina Lafreniere
Registered Nurse
Kirkland and District Hospital

Once they've made that personal connection as well with the patient, I think it changes things. And I think seeing somebody face to face is a lot different than hearing about somebody on the phone.

I'm still having a bit of chest pain and it's still -

(Renée Fillier)
There are an awful lot of partners that came together to make this work. Critical being one of them, the Ontario Telemedicine Network, the North East Lynne as well as our 22 other remote sites.

Angela Nickoloff
Clinical Innovation Lead
Ontario Telemedicine Network

The team at Health Science North really embraced innovation and the notion of using Telemedicine solutions to transform the way care is delivered.

Dr. Boyle
For now you'll be able to stay there in Kirkland Lake, they're doing a great job there.

Wonderful. Thank you.

(Renée Fillier)
All Ontarians deserve the same quality of care regardless of geographic location.

(Tina Lafreniere)
It gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing that we're actually giving our patients the best possible care.

(Dr. Manchuk)
This is one strategy that I think is very effective in terms of being able to bring that care to the patients bedside.

The end.