Minister invites students to share their voice

BOARD [Minister invites students to share their voice
Toronto, Ontario]

SUPER [Chantel King-Gilliard
Student, Fossil Hill Public School, Woodbridge]

Chantel King-Gilliard: I believe that students should have a voice. So I kind of just came hear to have my voice be heard.

SUPER [Emmett Bisbee
Student, Warnica Public School, Barrie]

Emmett Bisbee: We gave our opinions on a bunch of different topics, and we made a whole bunch of reports out of them.

SUPER [Emilie Coyle
Student, Ecole secondaire catholique Marie Rivier, Kingston]

Emilie Coyle: We talked a lot about many, many things, like building linguistic equalities between like French and English.

SUPER [Tim Ludwig
Student, Lambton Central Collegiate and V.I., Petrolia]

Tim Ludwig: Drugs in school, and mutual respect between teachers.

SUPER [Aajab Abdulhusein
Student, Langstaff Secondary School, Richmond Hill]

Aajab Abdulhusein: I got a [inaudible] of opinions today about different issues that matter to me.

SUPER [Alexandra Paul
Student, Beaver Brae Secondary School, Kenora]

Alexandra Paul: There's a big similarity with my school and these schools that are big city.

Chantel King-Gilliard: Your ideas can all be heard and recognized regardless if they agree with you or not.

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